Hi, I’m Stirling! I’m the owner and founder of One-Sheep Yarns. I’ve been obsessed with wool since my grandmother taught me how to knit at age 5, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of everything fiber-based, including knitting, spinning, weaving, and most recently, sewing. I currently live, in Brooklyn, NY, and dream of the day when teacup sheep are invented.
I find lovely fleeces from small, quality wool producers, and have them individually mill spun into beautiful, unique, sourced-from-one-sheep yarns. Natural sheep colors and fiber variations are always celebrated. I love that you will be able to experience the natural colors and fiber variations of wool that I’ve had the pleasure of working with as a handspinner, without the hours and hours of hard work required to scour and spin your own fleeces. :-)
I can’t wait to see what you make with my yarns!